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Since 2008 we provide high-quality turnkey solutions and consulting services in system engineering, electronic & FPGA design and design management
About Us
DiversityTech was established in 2008 to provide design and development services systems, electronic cards and outsourcing FPGA high quality in the broadest sense of the term.

We want our customers to know that they have a partner who is interested in their success and for that we observe the following rules:
Collaborate with the client to understand the real needs and work together to achieve them.
Provide solutions and professional services, creative and free of extraneous considerations.
Act with transparency, honesty and fairness with customers. Provide the customer with all the information available about the costs and risks before making the decision and not after the fact.
Provide assistance to the customer our best even outside of work content.
Keep the trade secrets of our customers as if they are ours.

Eli Hait
Founder and owner of DiversityTech
Over 25 years of experience in a variety of design, development and management tasks in the Israeli high-tech industry.

We offer our clients the following services:

Electronic and FPGA design

As part of a bigger project or individually, according to their needs and preferences:

High speed electronics: digital, analog and mixed signal, digital communication, video, realizing image processing algorithms and more..
FPGA design from different manufacturers and families for a wide range of applications.
Sensors conditioning, biological signals, low current circuits, unusual environmental conditions.
RF electronic: cellular, ISM, GPS.
High power and/or high-voltage electronic, motor control, motor positioning, process control, climate control.
Consumer electronics, industrial, medical and military compliance with the relevant standards and requirements that characterize each of the fields.

System engineering - do it right from the beginning:

Success of the project depends not only on proper implementation of modules and separate circuits.
Successful system design begins from meticulous work settings and system engineering at the early stage of project.

Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to define the system more correctly, ensuring quality results and better performance, higher reliability and lower manufacturing cost

Consulting and technical management - close the gaps:

Feasibility tests of projects and solutions, an additional additional eye at definition phase, PDR and CDR stages can save the waste of time and resources on "trial and error" and sometimes even prevent failure.
Project "stuck" release by finding a creative solution and is different from the previous thought.
Strengthening the development team helped force more critical stages in the project.
Development teams 
and contractors management, project management,  writing product specifications.

Developing systems and products by DiversityTech

We believe amateurs have a place within the hobby, but products intended to operate in real conditions should be developed by professionals, each in his field.

DiversityTech business model isn't based on the employment of cheap labor to work hours rental income. Therefore, when required and expertise  in areas that uncovered sufficiently by us, we prefer to hire or to cooperate with other 
self-employed and sub-contractors who been recognized by us as high-quality professionals.

Our advantage is being small and agile but in same time holding wide range of 
expertise and the ability to quickly organize high performance multy-disciplinary team and manage it. 

DiversityTech fees and pricing.
The turnkey model is mostly more correct method to price a project because it allows the customer to know in advance the final cost of the required services
However, when the work amount is unknown in advance like usually happen in consulting and general support jobs, the by hour rate model is the only fesible choice.

DiversityTech doesn't clame to be the cheapest choice avaliable on the market but isn't the most expensive either.

We are 
competing for the best customer satisfaction at reasonable price.
It's been said quite a bit about that "bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of expired low price"

We will be happy to answer your questions and advise to our best knowledge.

Please do not 
hesitate to call us for free consultation 052-5309676