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Electronic Board Design Services
DiversityTech is offering electronic and board design and development services separately or as part of larger and/or multi-disciplinary project. Customers, who chose working with DiversityTech, getting additional benefit from our wide technological view, rich experience and system development abilities.

We have lots of experience in following industry segments::
Consumer Electronics: high volume production, cost sensitive.
Industrial & Automotive: harsh environment, high immunity, high reliability
Military & Mission Crytical: harsh environment, high reliability & immunity, strict standards. 
Medical Electronics:: high immunity, fail-safe, patient safety, strict standards.
Special Requirements: ultra-low current, ultra-wide temperature range, special environment.
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in following areas: 
► High Speed Digital.
► Embedded Micro Controllers & DSP.
► Mixed Signal Electronics.
► Analog Electronics.
► High Power, Industrial Control and Motion Control.
► Sensors Conditioning.
► RF (Cellular, GPS, ISM):

Our expertise in FPGA Design and System Engineering enable us to provide comprehensive solutions and more effective implementation of the requirements.

We are always happy to answer questions and advise in our expertise.
You can make contact by phone to 052-5309676 or by contact page.
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