Turning Ideas Into Products
Electronic Board Design In Detail
DiversityTech is offering electronic and board design and development services separately or as part of larger and/or multi-disciplinary project. Customers, who chose working with DiversityTech, getting additional benefit from our wide technological view, rich experience and system development abilities.

High Speed Digital & Mixed Signal
Today's silicone technology of today is breaking speed limits of yesterday, promising more speed and performance. This puts the high-speed board design to signal integrity limits.

Mostly, the high speed electronic deals with deep sub-nanosecond clock frequencies with skews in the pico-second range, requiring sophisticated clock generation, processing and distribution, strict signal integrity design and sometimes even involiving of special PCB design and production methods.

Time frame and frequency domains planning is must to allow analog and 
semi-analog functions like PLL’s,. ADC, DAC and comparators co-exist with digital high-frequency noise sources.

Strict simulations and topology, proper design methodology, novel PCB technologies and even new types of dielectric materials more and more involved in modern high-speed board design.
Analog Electronic Design
Because the tremendous improvement in digital processing cost, capabilities and speed, lot of analog modules of past had shifted to mixed-signal implementations today. But still there is need for analog circuits to implement what the digital or mixed-signal can’t do. Today’s analog designs are introducing challenges in terms of speed, SNR, low voltage, low current consumption and wide temperature range.
Power Electronic Design
Electronics like motor & temperature control, DC/DC conversion, laser drivers and other power electronic.
Sensors and MEMS Conditioning
The sensors in most cases are the most important and delicate part of the product. Usually, lot of effort invested in precision, calibration and operating technique to get most of it while keeping the cost and power consumption low.
Cellular Communication, GPS, ISM Communication
Today, many products are based on ability of global positioning, location and sending information via common wireless links such as GSM/GPRS networks.
For short range low-power, low-cost communication, the ISM band transceivers are widely popular. 
EMI/RFI (EMC) and Other Standards
Any piece of electronic equipment need to pass variety of standards testing, otherwise it wouldn’t be approved for use.
The best and cheapest way to deal with this issue is to take it to account at the very early stage of design. Many problems in future may be avoided when this one of the topics of the system and electronic board design procedure.