Turning Ideas Into Products
Services offered by DiversityTech

DiversityTech expertise in wide range of areas and disciplines in order to best fit customer needs. We offer a diverse and comprehensive range of services, covering wide range of customer needs:
Electronic board design & development
High speed digital board & backplane, fast analog & mixed signal, microcontrollers, high-speed communication links, cellular and M2M communication, GPS, ISM, industrial control, instrumentation, sensors conditioning, ultra low current and many more areas.
FPGA & ASIC Design
We implement designs in FPGA and CPLD devices from various vendors and IP modules to be integrated into ASIC design.
Proper methodology and conventions ensure high level of portability. Strict logical and post-synthesis simulation, timing analysis and verification approves stable and reliable results.
Multi-disciplinary system design, development & Integration
In the process of product development, a good quality of implementation is only part of the story. Successful system design process results in well balanced implementation, better functionality, lower design, production and ownership cost and most important – reducing the risk of failure or low quality product. We are offering our reach hands-on experience in multi-disciplinary and system design for complete product development.
Consulting services
Even big companies, who have plenty of technical stuff and resources, may have benefit from using our consulting services. All the more so for smaller companies, who mostly suffer from uncovered expertise areas. We provide consulting services to help customers define specs, feasibility evaluation, brain storming events, design reviews, audit and revealing status and risk evaluation in current projects and much more.
Technical & project management
Isn’t enough to be skilled engineer to successfully guide and lead group of design engineers or sub-contractors. During the product development it is a must to define, conduct, synchronize and supervise different processes and activities in order to hold everything “on track” and in limits of spec, time schedules and product cost budget.