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DiversityTech, FPGA, Electronic & System Design Services
DiversityTech is electronics design house, holding an extensive knowledge, experience and capability in wide range of disciplines We offer design, development and consultancy services on contractual basis to technology-oriented companies and organizations needing design capability, guidance or expertise in variety of areas:
 - Electronic board design & development
 - FPGA & ASIC Design
 - System design, multi-disciplinary development & Integration
 - Technical & Project Management
For us, the meaning of QUALITY is much more than just using proven design and verification methodologies in order to provide stable, reliable and proven results. It means also being dynamic and agile to quickly respond and assimilate novel ideas and technologies, flexible enough to match customer’s needs and be able creative “out of the box” thinking to provide best-fitting solutions to various technological and implementation challengers.
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Since 2008 we provide high-quality turnkey solutions and consulting services in system engineering, electronic & FPGA design and design management
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