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Eli Hait is the owner of DVTEK.
He has a broad range of knowledge from over 35 years of experience in productive activity in Israel’s high-tech industry.


Many of the products he developed over the years still work in almost every field imaginable: low-cost commercial devices, industry, communication centers, hospitals, the military, and homeland security forces—even up to satellites.


We don't have fancy offices that our customers pay for.



Our customers know exactly who is working on their project—and it's not someone who happened to be freed from another task.



Small means creative thinking and unconventional solutions when required.



Small means Agile. Immediate response time from decision to execution.



Small means that every customer is important and receives full attention.​

Due to DVTEK being a small design office, we offer many advantages over larger companies, including:​

DVTEK's activity is not based on paid employees.


At DVTEK, we work and collaborate with leading professionals and top freelancers in many fields. Thanks to our ability in  system engineering and teams/subcontractors management, when it becomes necessary to integrate other professionals, we have the most suitable experts available—and not those who happened to be free from other tasks.​

Many large outsourcing companies hire us when they encounter problems that they find difficult to solve themselves what's good for them is probably also good for you..

In addition to possessing excellent knowledge, skills, and experience, our small company has many advantages— mainly in agility and flexibility with very little overhead.

Want to know more?​

DVTEK offers electronic board design services in a wide range of areas. Customers who work with us gain additional benefits from our extensive technological insight, rich experience, and remarkable system development capabilities.

When our ability in FPGA design combines with our broad, multidisciplinary knowledge and understanding, it allows us to reach more comprehensive and optimal solutions and bring more appropriate results​

We do it right from the beginning.
DVTEK is offering system design and complete electronic or multi-disciplinary products. We cover a wide range of disciplines because we have a vast amount of experience and knowledge.​

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