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Consulting Services
We provide consulting services to help customers define specs, feasibility evaluation, brain storming events, design reviews, audit and revealing status and risk evaluation in current projects and much more.

We are always happy to answer questions and advise in our expertise.
You can make contact by phone to 052-5309676 or by contact page.
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Expert Consultation

Even big companies, who have plenty of technical stuff and resources, may have benefit from using our consulting services. All the more so for smaller companies, who mostly suffer from uncovered expertise areas.
DiversityTech is offering consulting services in following areas

Design Reviews

As late the design or spec problem is being detected, as complicated and costly would be the re-work. Sometimes it may become even too late. Therefore, using external expert to review the design concept in very early stage may provide huge design cost savings, protection for time schedules and in some cases to literally saving the project from failure.

DiversityTech is offering reviewing services to minimize the risks during design and development stage.

Design Blockage Remove

Complications during design activity sometimes happen and usually at bad timing. At this time, usually the complete re-design isn’t a realistic option and sometimes, outsider expert may find a creative way to fix the problem or at least to find workaround until next opportunity for re-design.