Turning Ideas Into Products
Industries covered by DiversityTech

Industry areas are usually differ from each other by product functionality and specs, standards they need to cover, environmental requirements, reliability, safety, maintainability, and many more properties.
In addition, there is difference between different industries in production quantities and product target price which also have significant influence on the design itself and on product design process.
Because the above, sometimes even exactly same functionality, if targeted to different industry areas should be designed and processed differently.

We cover wide area of industry areas:

The consumer market is the most diverse and dynamic. Usually, “consumer market” meaning products which targeted for the wide market and common users in their homes, work places, travels, recreation and any kind of other activities. Usually, this market is defined by very large production quantities and high competitiveness.
This market doesn’t demand for special environmental requirements and mostly satisfy with temperature range from 0 to 40c.
However, the safety and EMC requirements are must to be able celing in the developed countries.
Primary, the industrial standard is designated to equipment installed and operating at production lines and industrial sites, therefore their environmental requirements are much more severe than in consumer. The required temperature range is usually -40c to +85c. In some cases the equipment is also exposed to liquid, dirt or other corrosive environment.
Equipment fault at production line usually cases disruption or even complete stopping of the industrial process, what result in major looses for the production site. Therefore, most important properties for industrial equipment are high durability, reliability, testability and maintainability as well al standard enclosure and interfaces.
Medical equipment usually doesn’t operate in harsh physical conditions but it is required to minimize the interference with other equipment. Therefore the EMC requirements for medical grade are highly challenging.
When equipment is designated to operate in surgery rooms, it must be highly immune to different disturbance sources like electric scalpel and power line interruptions. In addition, some of medical devices should be durable to different sterilization processes.
When medical equipment defined to “life support” grade, the reliability of operation and “single fault immunity” becomes a must.
Another important issue in the medical equipment market is the patient safety, specially, in equipment which connects or interacts with patient body.
Some regulatory authorities (such the FDA) requiring also to implement controlled and managed product development process, mainly affecting the spec, design, verification and documentation process.
Military equipment usually built for extreme environment. This is expressed in wide temperature range -55c to +125c, durability to shock & vibration, high humidity, corrosive and biological (fungus) environment.
The military equipment need apply to demanding EMC standards, remain fully functional on power disturbances and be protected from high energy spikes (like lightning and EMP).
The design and development process must be according to standards requirements. Reliability and maintainability parameters (MTBF, MTTR) are important and must be sufficient and according to spec.
Reliable supply manufacturers and sources needed to ensure long term maintenance capability. The “end user” limitations issued by some suppliers and governments may limit product market.
Military equipment supplier has to provide different types of documentation and training services as part of the contract.
Special Requirements
All categories above describe some of the general and common categories of products and their major properties. However, in some cases needed very special requirements. Some possible examples are sensors installed in jet engines which require outstanding temperature range, process control card which is exposed to high radiation, logger system which must survive airplane crash, sub-marine equipment built for ultra high pressure and so on…
When need for special requirements occurs, there’s no place for common or average. Wide technology view, creative and unusual thinking must be applied to design process.