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System Development By DiversityTech
DiversityTech is offering system design and complete electronic or multi-disciplinary product.

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Wide experience is essential

Mostly, in the process of product development, a good quality of modules implementation is only part of the story.
There are many ways to realize complete product, but only few of them ensure the right cost/performance ratio, balanced implementation and properties as defined by the customer.

In order to choose and define the best fitting multi-disciplinary product, system designer should have wide technological view and good multi-disciplinary understanding, orientation and communication abilities.
He (or she) should be familiar with specific industry type, other similar products in area and applicable standards.

Covering Wide Range of Disciplines 

Many outsource companies activity is based on their “in house” staff, but because of huge diversity in specialization types in the industry, these people sometimes do not exactly match the specific project needs.

DiversityTech is choosing different approach. Our activity in multi-disciplinary products and systems development is based on our extensive knowledge and experience in multi disciplinary solutions, systems design and technical project management.

These abilities allow us to quickly establish and operate highly professional and efficient team suited to specific project needs. If specific expertise at the moment isn’t covered completely by us, we use services from external outstanding specialist/freelancer who specialization perfectly meets.

This specialist is managed by us directly and intensively. He (or she) is working according to our design, development, verification & documentation standards. We provide all tools and resources needed and leaving complete responsibility for this project remains in our hands. The customer is dealing directly with us.